Weight Loss and Walking Combination Works Best For Older, Obese Adults

Weight Loss and Walking Combination Works Best For Older, Obese Adults

Phenomenal Benefits of Weight Loss and Walking

Weight Loss Plan and Walking

Using a weight loss plan and walking is a wonderful way to get in shape and get rid of some of that stubborn belly fat.  A study published in 2000 by the American Physiological Society showed that a combination of walking (30-40 minutes 3-4 times a week), and weight loss (250 – 350 calorie a day deficit) reduced not only belly fat but the risk of heart attack.

Please read that again, slowly to let it sink in.

A weight loss plan that reduces your caloric intake by only 250 to 350 calories a day, and walking 30 to 40 minutes 3 to 4 times a week, can:trim the belly fat,reduce the risk of heart attack,help you lose weight,help improve your mobility,and increase your stamina.

Steady, but moderately paced walking, is the way to get in shape and lose weight. Walking at a moderate pace burns 300 to 500 calories per hour.

Walking is an inexpensive, easy, and very social if done with a friend.

Start off easy, and keep your distances reasonable.  Remember, if you walk two miles out you will have two miles to get back home.

Be sure to wear socks and specially made for walking.  They provide cushioning to absorb shock. They also wick away moisture and help prevent blisters.

Dress sensibly for the weather you have that day, and bring water to drink.

Summary of Weight Loss and Walking

For those of you who are overweight, and live a sedentary lifestyle, here is a very good choice many of you can make. It is a choice that provides significant benefits to your looks, health, strength and mobility.  The choice is simply to combine weight loss and walking.

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